Insularia Islas en Red


Fefi works on a tomato farm with other workers. One morning, she begins to have erotic thoughts about her coworker Mari. The stifling atmosphere of the greenhouse increases Fefi’s anxiety as she does not understand this new desire.

DIRECTION, PRODUCTION & SCREENPLAY Arima León EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Rita Vera CINEMATOGRAPHY Jazmina A. Viera EDITING Andrea Franco ART DIRECTION Carla León SOUND Moisés Sánchez MUSIC Sylvie Hernández CAST Andrea Zoghbi, Toni Báez, María Sabaté, Luismi Rodríguez y María de Vigo


Festival de Cine de Madrid



Festival Internacional de Quito

Festival de Cine de Aranda

Arima León

Graduated in Dramatic Arts, with a master’s degree in Audiovisual and Literary Culture and expert in New Masculinities. Currently, she is developing her doctoral thesis on film adaptation and lesbian representation in auteur cinema. She has directed the short films “Petróleo”, “Animal”, “Elektra” and “Yo te sado, amada mía” where she explores the limits of performance through dynamics with the performers and understanding the aesthetic proposal as a narrative concept per se.