Insularia Islas en Red


Insularia-Islas en Red, the International Insular Film Festival is an event dedicated to the insular cinematographies of the planet, proposing cinema as a window to the cultural diversity offered by different insular territories. Active since 2016, it is currently based on the island of El Hierro in October. At the same time, it maintains its itinerancy throughout the eight Canary Islands.

The festival is unique in its theme alongside the one celebrated on the French island of Groix, and, therefore, it is the first Spanish-speaking film event that exclusively programs films produced on islands. It is a singular cultural proposal structured in a multidisciplinary way and aims to establish itself as an international forum for the islands of the world, serving as a meeting space for insular creators and as a showcase for the island cultures of the planet across different disciplines: cinema, visual arts, music, or literature.

Insular territories such as Great Britain, the Scandinavian Islands, New Zealand, Ireland, the Balearic Islands, the Azores, Sardinia, Madeira, Taiwan, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka, among others, have participated in the successive editions held by our festival.

The festival revolves around film screenings and parallel activities aimed at both the local and foreign public, as well as the educational community. Each year, a monographic showcase is dedicated to an insular cinematography, the Guest Island. There are also thematic showcases that encompass the diversity of insular cinema such as the Panorama, Isla Mujeres, and EcoIslas sections.

In addition to the official programming in Valverde, El Pinar, and Frontera, the festival proposes a series of activities aimed at bringing insular cinema closer to different audiences and spaces outside of movie theaters. Activities like Cine Express or EcoIslas involve the younger audience and future filmmakers with training workshops and film screenings followed by debates and masterclasses. In turn, spaces like Tercer Cine bring films to the elderly in Nursing Homes or Day Centers. And with spaces like Inclusive Cinema or Isla Mujeres, the aim is to promote cinema with integration, respect, and the construction of safe spaces through culture.

Insularia, Islas en Red wants to be an increasingly sustainable festival.

With this objective, it is implementing sustainability measures

and measuring the carbon footprint.



A monographic showcase dedicated to the cinematography of an insular island or archipelago.


A selection of films produced in different insular territories that have stood out at international festivals in recent years.


A section dedicated to films that aim to reflect on environmental sustainability in insular contexts.


A gathering in El Hierro of female filmmakers from the Spanish archipelagos, around a film showcase that addresses issues from a feminist perspective and with a focus on gender and equality.


A development lab for film projects by international filmmakers with the potential to be produced entirely or partially on the island of El Hierro, with the main objective of fostering dialogue and co-production between the Canary Islands and the islands of the world.


Concerts, exhibitions, and more.