Insularia Islas en Red

Guest Island


The land of volcanoes and cold, Iceland, is increasingly invading the world’s cinema circuits, with its stories and characters, from folk horror to rough and surreal comedy. In the line of Nordic cinema, but with a very particular island brand. This renaissance has been driven by a generation of talented filmmakers such as Benedikt Erlingsson, Hlynur Palmason, Valdimar Jóhannsson and Gunnur Martinsdóttir, -whose films you can see in this selection-. But also by policies to promote the sector that since 2003 has promoted and stimulated Icelandic cinema through the Icelandic Film Center, with an eye towards international projection, the growth of the national industry and cultural preservation. This flourishing has not only put Iceland on the global cinematic map, but has also offered a window to its rich culture and the complexities of life in a land of contrasts. It is a sample of this cinema full of strength that we bring to the Canary Islands with this special section.

2021 / Animation / 4 min / Iceland, USA, Mali 

2023 / Fiction / 5 min / Iceland

2022 / Hybrid / 22 min / Denmark, Iceland

2018 / Fiction / 12 min / Iceland

2015 / Fiction / 94 min / Iceland

2018 / Fiction / 100 min / Iceland, France, Ukraine

2021 / Fiction / 106 min / Iceland, Sweden, Poland