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Mou has a budding business where he manually makes bags and fanny packs from recycled material.

DIRECTION AND EDITING Giselle García Castro 


Isla Verde – Festival Internacional de Cine y Medio Ambiente del Caribe, Cuba

Giselle García Castro

Cuban filmmaker with an MA in Documentary by Practice from Royal Holloway University of London. In 2019 she was awarded the Chevening Scholarship that allowed her to study in the United Kingdom. She holds a degree from the University of the Arts in Havana, Cuba (ISA). As part of her undergraduate studies, she took a course abroad at the University of Santo Tomás in Minnesota, United States; where she obtained a Minor Degree in Film. Giselle has participated in different film projects as a fixer, assistant director and producer for international and Cuban companies. “Lista Quinta” is her first feature-length documentary, which has been awarded in more than a dozen film festivals around the world.