Insularia Islas en Red


Alice is a spoiled and selfish girl who is crazy about video games. Since her parents work in the summer, her mother decides to send her to an island where old Aunt Belinda lives. Without running water or electricity, next to the sea and at the foot of a volcano, Alice fears that the holidays will be a bore. When she arrives, she discovers that her aunt is a witch, that there is a man who chases dragons and two very strange children. Something mysterious and magnetic emanates from the mountain. Through the magical power of nature, Alice will learn to open her mind and appreciate what surrounds her.

DIRECTION Dácil Pérez de Guzmán SCREENPLAY Dácil Pérez de Guzmán, Lola Guerrero PRODUCTION COMPANY Fausto Producciones Cinematográficas, Rainbow Videoproducciones, Sakai Films MUSIC Juan Belda CINEMATOGRAPHY Alberto López Palacios CAST Julieta Serrano, Eduardo Velasco, Carmen Sanchez, Antonio Dechent, Virginia Åvila, Lucía y Pablo Pardos


Feel Good Film Festival Hollywood 2012 (sección oficial y premio mejor actriz protagonista)

Seoul International Youth Film Festival 2012 (sección oficial largometrajes)

New York Latino Film Festival 2012 (sección oficial)

Chicago International Youth Film Festival 2012 (sección oficial)

Sevilla Festival de Cine Europeo 2012 (sección paralela)

Madrid Imagen 2012(sección oficial)

FICI Festival de Cine para la infancia de Madrid 2012 (sección oficial)

Dácil Pérez de Guzmán

Screenwriter and director with a long career in Spanish cinema. She has collaborated on feature film scripts (La última isla), fiction series (Hierro) and television programmes (Caminos de fiesta). In 2002 she began to produce and direct her own productions, including documentaries and TV movies, fiction feature films and dance videos (Triana Paraíso Perdido, La Última Isla…), which have been selected for numerous international festivals (Seville, Chicago, Hollywood, Seoul…) and for the Spanish Academy of Television.