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Afro hair has historically been stigmatized, which is why multiple ways have been created to tame its rebellious nature. Industrialized explores the theme of uprooting and the assimilation of social stigma through the life of a young tree growing on the outskirts of the big city.

DIRECTION, ILLUSTRATION, ANIMATION, EDITING AND SOUND Génesis Valenzuela ADVISER Tomás Pichardo PRODUCTION Escuela de Cine de Altos de Chavón


Festival de la Habana (2018)

Festival de Málaga (2019)

Cine sobre Ruedas

Génesis Valenzuela

She began her studies at the School of Fine Arts in her country, the Dominican Republic. She enrolled in the film direction program at the Altos de Chavón School. She completed a master’s degree in Experimental Film at the Zine Eskola Elías Querejeta. Her films have circulated in various film festivals, including the Havana Film Festival, FICUNAM, Trinidad and Tobago, DocLisboa, Doc Buenos Aires, Quito Film Festival, Malaga Film Festival, among others. Her projects have participated in various workshops and artistic residencies, such as the Madrid Film Academy, the Matadero residency, the Ibermedia Project Development Workshop, the MiradasDoc Project Incubator, Open Doors at the Locarno Film Festival, among others.