Insularia Islas en Red


Fusi, an introverted forty-something, still lives with his overprotective mother. He spends his days working at an airport and playing with models recreating famous battles. On his birthday, his mother gives him a voucher to attend a dance school. There he meets Sjöfn, another lonely soul like him. The encounter with this vital woman and an eight-year-old girl forces him to take the big leap.

DIRECTION, SCREENPLAY Dagur Kári PHOTOGRAPHY Rasmus Videbæk PRODUCTION DESIGN Hálfdán Pedersen EDITING Andri Steinn Guðjónsson, Oliver Bugge Coutté y Dagur Kári MUSIC Slowblow PRODUCERS Baltasar Kormákur y Agnes Johansen


65 Berlinale

Festival de Tribeca – Premio a Mejor película, actor (Jónsson) y guión, 2015

Festival de Valladolid – Seminci: Mejor actor (Gunnar Jónsson), 2015

Dagur Kári

Born in Paris in 1973 to Icelandic parents, he returned to Iceland at the age of 3. In 1999 he graduated from the National Film School of Denmark, and his final year short film, Lost Weekend, won 11 awards at various international festivals. In 2003 he directed his first feature film, Nói albinói (Noah, the Albino). Both this work and his next feature, Dark Horse (2005), were presented at the Gijón International Film Festival. Corazón Gigante is his first feature film shot in English.