Insularia Islas en Red


Singer Kim Simmons tells in first person how music has saved her life, helping her to escape a serious situation of gender violence and become a free woman, self-confident, without complexes and, above all, without fear.

DIRECTION & SCREENPLAY Kim Simmons y Kiko Castro ART DIRECTION Juan Reyes PRODUCTION Arteria Films Studios y Carlos Calato ORIGINAL MUSIC Kim Simmons, Kiko Castro, Miguel Tena y Carlos Nebot CINEMATOGRAPHY Carlos Calato CAMERA OP. Carlos Calato, Teresa Ruano y Sere Alonso SOUND Kiko Castro EDITING AND COLOR Kiko Castro y Carlos Calato


Festival Internacional de Cine Documental y Música, DOCUROCK 9, premio del público en la sección oficial.

Kiko Castro

Musician, music producer and postgraduate in Film Direction from the San Jorge University of Zaragoza, he has been immersed in the audiovisual world since 1990. Since then he has directed numerous pieces, both fiction and documentary, and has participated in various local, national and international productions in various departments.