FILMMAKING Marta María Borrás SCRIPT Marta María PRODUCER Ricardo Figueredo Borrás PRODUCTION Cooperativa Producciones, Marta María Borrás, Yailene Sierra, Clara de la Caridad González PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTION Ernesto Calzado EDITING Joana Montero ART DIRECTION Rubén Cruces SOUND Raymel Casamayor POSTPRODUCTION Rubén Cruces MUSIC Luis Alberto Mariño FILMMAKING ASSISTANCE Miriam González

Two women live opposite each other in the buildings of a working-class community. Women like my mother who built those buildings or like me who were born in them. Inside these hives they are alone, and they want to have, even for an instant, a different life, exciting, far from there. Would it be possible to make that moment a reality?

Luna Fest Short Film, United States, 2019. Exhibition of Contemporary Cuban Cinema in Cinecitta, Italy, 2019. Exhibition of Contemporary Cuban Cinema, Uruguay, 2019.