FILMMAKING Carlos Lechuga SCRIPT Carlos Lechuga PRODUCTION Producciones de la 5ta. Avenida PRODUCER Claudia Calviño PHOTOGRAPHY Julio Simoneau Jr. EDITING Luis Ernesto Doñas SOUND Rubén Valdés CAST Osvaldo Doimeadiós, Mario Guerra y los niños Aldo, Carlos, Eugenio, Leandro, Paulo y Thiago.

On the outskirts of the city of Havana there is a small town. In this small town there is a rural school. In the school there is a swimming teacher who prepares five children for a competition. The only swimming pool in the village is empty. In order not to lose the illusion, the teacher takes his students through the surrounding villages in search of a full pool. Since he cannot find “water”, he will invent a solution so that his students do not lose hope of winning the competition.

Havana International Film Festival, 2010. Chicago International Film Festival, 2010.