DIRECTED BY Macià Florit Campins SCREENPLAY Macià Florit Campins PRODUCERS Macià Florit Campins and Xavier Puig PRODUCTION COMPANY La Periférica (Cesc Mulet and Montse Rodríguez) PHOTOGRAPHY Macià Florit Campins EDITING Macià Florit Campins SOUND Míriam Guerra MUSIC Francesc Catalán and Alan Florit ADVICE SCRIPT AND EDITING Marta Andreu, Eloy Enciso, Christopher Allen and Isabel Monteiro

SYNOPSIS “Pedra pàtria” is an autobiographical reflection on the Menorcan identity. From a collection of letters, Macià, a filmmaker who lives in the city, delves into the personal history and sublime landscapes of Menorca that he shares with his little brother. Lau, who decided to be a peasant on the island where they were born.