DIRECTED BY Alex Dioscórides SCREENPLAY Ernest Riera, Luis Ansorena, Joe Holles PRODUCER Joe Holles PRODUCTION COMPANY MallorcaDocs PHOTOGRAPHY Lluis Prieto EDITING Alex Dioscórides SOUND, MIX AND ORIGINAL MUSIC Sonoteque DIRECT SOUND Xim Terrassa GRAPHIC DIRECTION Laura Niubó GRAPHICS Miquel Torres

SYNOPSIS The Mediterranean basin is the most visited tourist destination on the planet. In it we find one of the cradles of mass tourism, the island of Mallorca. Becoming one of the most prosperous regions in Europe in its boom years, on the island, more than 70% of the population lives directly or indirectly from tourism. The old “Isla de la Calma” has become a collapsed space. All the alarms have gone off. Is this tourism model sustainable? Could Mallorca be an inspiration for so many other places with this problem?