Fuerteventura is the sixth stop of the show, where from tomorrow 18 films will be screened from 20 hours with free entry

November 17, 2022

This weekend the “Insularia. Islas en Red” Festival visits the Island of Fuerteventura. This is the sixth stop of the show that this time will screen 18 films by as many young directors belonging to Cuban independent cinema. The program will begin tomorrow, November 18, Friday, and will conclude on November 20, Sunday, with sessions that will be held at the Cultural Center of Betancuria from 8 pm, each day and with free entry until full capacity.

The program will begin tomorrow Friday with the screening of five films: “Los Bañistas” (2010) by Carlos Lechuga; “Dos Islas” (2017) by Adriana Castellanos; “Camionero” (2011) by Sebastián Milo; “Los Puros” (2021) by Carla Valdés León and “Última Canción Para Mayaan” (2021) directed by Lisandra López Fabé. While on Saturday 19 will be exhibited Hapi Berdey Yusimi in Yur Dai” (2021) by Ana A. Alpizar; “Lavando Calzoncillos” (2012) by Víctor Alfonso Cedeño; “El Secadero” (2019) directed by José Luis Aparicio; Red Land” (2007), Heidi Hassan; “Un Instante” (2016), Marta María Borrás and “Kendo-Monogatari” (2012) directed by Fabián Suárez.

Finally, the show will end on Sunday with: “Oda a la Piña” (2008) by Laimir Fano; “El Niño de Goma” (2021) directed by Marcos Díaz Sosa; “Pizza de Jamón” (2012), Carlos Melián; “Abecé” (2013), Diana Montero; “Utopía” (2004), Arturo Infante; “Los Amantes” (2018), Alán González and “La Luna en el Jardín” (2012) directed by Adonae Lima, Yamelí Cruz.

The common theme of the works exhibited by Insularia in this VI edition, is the high level of invoice, as well as its narrative, with young filmmakers engaged, who tell stories of marked social character.

The show arrives in Fuerteventura after its passage through El Hierro, La Graciosa, Tenerife, Lanzarote and La Palma, with which coincides since the sessions take place on Mondays this November.

As the festival’s artistic director, actress Aïda Ballmann, recalls, in 2022 the festival began in El Hierro at the beginning of October, where it first took place in its three municipalities. The exhibition will conclude at the end of November, after touring the eight islands in ten different venues.


Ballmann also emphasize the public welcome that the program is having in the five Islands it has visited and recalled that Insularia is carried out thanks to the sponsorship of the Canary Islands Government through the public company PROMOTUR, Tourism of the Canary Islands and the REACT funds of the European Union, as well as the collaboration of the ten municipalities headquarters of the call.

New independent Cuban cinema

Aïda Ballmann comments that “Insularia. Islas en Red” 2022 is dedicated to independent cinema, made in Cuba by directors who create their works on the formal margins, but far from the official Cuban industry.

Many of the works that are projected, were the first works of filmmakers that today are consecrated internationally. Insularia pays tribute to these creators, while offering the opportunity to the public of the Canary Islands to enjoy for the first time in the islands, these Cuban independent short films

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