FILMMAKING Luis Ernesto Doñas SCRIPT Rogelio Orizondo PRODUCTION Viana González PHOTOGRAPHY Marcos Attila EDITING Juan José Cid SOUND Raymi Morales ART DIRECTION Yisel Capote, Yani Monzón CAST Edith Masola, Alegnis Castillo, Judith González, Daysi Forcade

Pilar is a makeup artist and costume designer at the Cuban National Ballet. Although he is efficient in his work, his main interest is to study the professional and private life of the first figures. Thus Pilar conceives Gloria la Trucha, a humorous character with whom she earns her living at private parties. At the end of the show, Pilar will present her show and finds that they have replaced her. That night he will meet Ramoncito, the hired comedian, with whom he will begin an unusual relationship.

36 Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, Cuba. Muestra Joven ICAIC, Cuba. Festival Imago, Cuba. International Poor Film Festival in Gibara, Cuba.