INSULARIA-ISLAS EN RED, International Festival of Insular Cinema, is an event dedicated to the insular cinematographies of the planet that proposes cinema as a window to the cultural diversity offered by the different insular territories.

The festival is unique in its theme along with the one held on the French island of Groix, and, therefore, it is the first Spanish-speaking film event that exclusively programs films produced on islands. It is a unique cultural proposal that is structured in a multidisciplinary way and that aims to consolidate itself as an INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF THE ISLANDS OF THE WORLD as a meeting space for island creators and as a showcase for the island cultures of the planet around different disciplines: cinema, plastic arts, music or literature.

Island territories such as Iceland, Great Britain, the Scandinavian Islands, New Zealand, Ireland, the Balearic Islands, Azores, Sardinia, Madeira, Taiwan, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka, among others, have been coming together throughout the successive editions held for our festival.


Active since 2016, it currently takes place on an itinerant basis throughout the eight Canary Islands. The event is modular, adapting its format to the idiosyncrasy, needs and public of each island.


INSULARIA pursues five specific objectives:
— Turn the event spaces into a showcase for world island culture and cinematography.
— Generate an international forum for reflection on island sustainability.
— Project an international network of islands from the Canary Islands.
— Link the venues of the event with islands that share, with those of our archipelago, geographic or cultural spaces: Macaronesia, the Caribbean, the Balearic Islands, the British Islands, the Scandinavian Islands and the Mediterranean Islands.
— Promote the Culture-Tourism pairing, attracting foreign spectators to our different venues as a cultural complement to their holidays in the Canary Islands.

The INSULARIA-ISLAS EN RED festival is articulated around film screenings and parallel activities that are aimed at local and foreign audiences, as well as the educational community.

Selection of films produced in different island territories that have stood out in international festivals.

Monographic exhibition dedicated to the cinematography of an island.

Area of the event dedicated to sustainability and reflection on the insular fact as an opportunity or threat that unites the islanders of the world.

Meeting of female creators from the Canary Islands with female creators from insular territories of the planet.

Laboratory for the development of film projects that promotes networking among the island filmmakers of the planet, whose objective is to promote dialogue and co-production between the Canary Islands and the islands of the world.

Concerts, exhibitions and more.