FILMMAKING Daniel Santoyo SCRIPT Daniel Santoyo PRODUCTION Marina Alfonso PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTION Alejandro Calero EDITING Enmanuel Peña ORIGINAL MUSIC Jorge Luis Lagarza SOUND DESIGN Claudia Martínez ART DIRECTION Mauricio L. Lopíz CAST Mario Guerra, Milton García, Manuel Romero.

Late at night, two assailants wait for an opportunity to complete a robbery. The motive for the assaults is different for both, typical of the generation to which they belong. For the young man it is almost a diversion; for his companion, an opportunity to educate.

Coral Award for Best Short Film / 41 Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano. Award for Best Poster / 18 Muestra Joven ICAIC. Festival World Cinema Amsterdam. CineMartinique Festival 2020. Habana Film Festival New York 2021.