FILMMAKING Deymi D’Atri SCRIPT Marian Quintana y Deymi D’Atri PRODUCTION Luis Alberto García PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTION Denisse Guerra, Heidi Hassan, Lianed Marcoleta, Ana María González, Yanelvis González, Lily Suárez, Mailin Milanés Deymi D’Atri EDITING Marian Quintana LIVE SOUND Ariel Novo BSO Daphne Guisado & Camilo Ferrera ORIGINAL MUSIC Estefanía Núñez COLOR CORRECTION Nancy Ángulo

“Eyes Half Shut” is a documentary about women in Cuban cinema. In a machista and therefore discriminatory cinematography, they have been barred access to one of the great cinematographic offices (that of the Direction of Photography) because they are considered unable to exercise it fully. The Direction of Photography in Cuba has been a challenge for women to talent, but also to their dignity and patience.