DIRECTED BY Agustí Villaronga SCREENPLAY Agustí Villaronga CAST Roger Casamajor, Òscar Kapoya, Mumi Diallo, Armando Buika

SYNOPSIS June 1816. The frigate Alliance, of the French Navy, seized off the coast of Senegal. As the boats available for evacuation are not enough to accommodate all the crew, a precarious boat is built in which 147 men are forced to board, leaving the raft to its fate. Hunger, the inclemency of the sea, madness and a fierce struggle are unleashed on that raft adrift. A horror that lasted days and days. Of those 147 men, only nine managed to save their lives. Among them were Savigny, a ruthless medical officer and Thomas, a rebellious sailor. Confronted, they live those facts showing different attitudes to survive. A scenario where they showed the greatest of cruelties and the sweetest of piedades.