DIRECTED BY Miguel Eek SCRIPT Miguel Eek PRODUCER Marta Castells, Virginia Galán and Miguel Eek PRODUCTION COMPANY Mosaic PHOTOGRAPHY Jordi Carrasco SOUND EDITING AND MIXING Rubén Pérez EDITING Ernesto de Nova LIVE SOUND Carlos Novoa MUSIC Jauma Compte 

SYNOPSIS The last few days show the difficulties of an alternative and cooperative cinema that provides in its four cinemas author and fighter. The new cultural and consumer paradigm and its participatory model complicate their subsistence. 

FESTIVALS Official selection: SEMINCI, Auteur Cinema (Valladolid). ATLÁNTIDA Mallorca Filmfest (Mallorca). FICMonterrey. Awards: Tlanchana Fest (Honorable Mention 2021). Cinalfama International Film Screenings & Awards (Best Feature Film)